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Below you can find the customer cases of Arcade Business Consultancy. Our solutions enable our customers’ business growth and focus on their core business day after day. In the meantime, we have made many customers happy, and there will no doubt be many more to follow, because if our customers are satisfied, then so are we.


Digitizing business processes


V3-Manupal must continuously weigh the productivity of their staff against the automation. Extensive digitization can offer a solution for this. V3-Manupal turned to Arcade to choose the right system. Arcade helped V3-Manupal digitize the business processes. We implemented Microsoft Business Central so that all business processes, including operational processes, were digitized. Tasklet Factory is installed next to Business Central as a warehouse management solution.

Technology: MicrosoftDynamics 365 Business Central & Tasklet Factory

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Procurement processes

Procurement process


Without the right tools, purchasing can be a complicated and time-consuming process. A lot of paperwork is involved, often a lot of manual work in which potentially many mistakes are made.

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Moderna sustainability and digitization

Sustainability & digitization


We were asked by Moderna to help with the customer interaction flows and with the automation of their reporting. 2 solutions were put forward: Microsoft Dynamics for sales & Power BI.

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Howest streamline HR process

Streamlined HR processes


Howest was in need of perfect HR Flow. By automating we drastically reduce the number of manual operations, the delay and errors. This way HR can focus on their core business.

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Automated project management system at Liantis

Automated project management system at Liantis


To remain in control over the large amount of projects and documents these entail, they needed an automated project management system with uniform data to reduce their administrative burden. The connected Office 365 reporting tools provide valuable business insights at all corporate levels, now and in the future.

Technology: SharePoint & Power Platform

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Scalable & uniform processes at Rubio Monocoat

Scalable & uniform processes


Managing business growth and realizing the full benefits in a growth environment are not simple tasks. We support Rubio Monocoats’ exponential growth by creating scalable and uniform business processes.

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Infohos expansion project management system

Efficient project management


They have hundreds of projects per year with a team of 90 employees. They needed expansion of their time and project management system so that it is available everywhere, providing real-time data for all their employees.

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Renson Centralized data

Renson One Family


We were able to support Renson by creating “Renson One Family”. With the use of a global data center, enabling painless growth, and ensuring user adoption, we’ve managed to structure Rensons’ data ecosystem.

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The project was not only delivered within the stipulated period, but the costs were also within acceptable limits. Arcade succeeds perfectly with limited explanation to understand what we want, this makes the cooperation very efficient.-
You work very structurally, to the point and always with the right goal in mind.<br /> Where possible you are proactive!-
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