Scalable & uniform processes at Rubio Monocoat

Muylle Facon has rapidly grown by distributing “Rubio Monocoat“. The Rubio Monocoat family is currently active in 82 countries and has over 150 employees worldwide. Thanks to their unique molecular bonding process they have created a revolutionary technology to protect and color wood with just one layer. This success formula led Rubio Monocoat to grow exponentially and required the company to manage the full benefits of their maturing business.

This is where we came in: creating uniform and scalable solutions that can grow with the business.




“Our focus was on standardizing and scaling our company in two aspects. On the one hand, we wanted to automate the back office and on the other hand, we wanted to gain control over our business processes. Together with Arcade we’ve managed to do so with ease. Our staff, administrative duties, business processes as well as products are all growing in the desired scale and uniform manner in relation to our business. “


Creating uniform business processes


The more Rubio Monocoat grew, the more staff they needed. It’s not just about hiring the best new staff for your expanding business. It’s also about keeping the current staff happy during this period of change. Creating uniform business processes so that new staff is easily welcomed and the growth stays comfortable for the valuable, existing staff members.


With the use of SharePoint new and old employees work on the same data, and everyone can consult relevant information in an intuitive way. We built an intranet and content management system that is used for internal purposes and assists in bringing the growing organization together. Employees can work from standard report templates, update tasks, and gather deliverables easily and securely in the cloud.

accurate and real-time figures


Rubio Monocoat made the strategic choice to keep as many administrative tasks in-house. This meant that all communication in terms of the status of products, projects, and customers became crucial. All staff had to be on the same page. Employees needed to communicate and share their knowledge one-on-one and seamlessly communicate between departments. More so, management demanded a coherent overview of the status of projects.


We implemented a reporting solution with Power Bi which ensures accurate and real-time figures of Rubio Monocoats’ products, projects, and customers. The project dashboard not only improves internal communication but it allows employees to find the data they need, as quickly and easily as possible. Moreover, it allows management to re-align the focus on certain projects where necessary.

Creating and managing the customer journey


Due to Rubio Monocoat’s rapid growth, it was essential to watch out that certain business processes did not fall under pressure. For instance, the growth in sales needed to be automated so that all leads, sales activities, and appointments had an accurate follow-up.


We had to offer Rubio Monocoat flexible and scalable solutions that could grow at the same pace as the company. For instance, for their sales inquiry, we worked with Dynamics 365. The sales module provides Rubio Monocoat with an overview of current clients, what leads there are, and describes the different options for creating, managing, and working throughout their customer journey. This is how we ensure no customers are lost in the sales process.

“Scaling and standardizing our systems was important. We would have difficulty supporting our growth without it. – Benoit Muylle, CEO, Muylle Facon

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