Document management & collaboration? First of all does your company suffer from information overload. Furthermore did you grew organically, and is data scattered over diverse locations? Getting more and more information makes it increasingly difficult to keep an overview? Do your employees struggle to find the correct documents based on the content, not only on the document name. Then you require a Document management system to store, archive & share documents in a structured manner.

Document Management

What is document management

Document management is the combination of the system and the extended functionalities. The source is always a document, and by putting it in a DMS, you leverage a broad spectrum of extra functionalities. Functionalities that are not available in a typical FileServer set-up. Next to being able to add extra metadata to a document and make it easier to find. We can also automate certain flows the document needs to go through.

The last aspect is working together on documents and share them with colleagues and even external users. Having a DMS ensures findability and automation and makes it easier to share and collaborate.

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Intelligent content
search funtionality

Easy to

User-based back-up &

document workflow


Arcade can help to set up collaboration tools:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Stream

Why Arcade for a DMS
Teams as a collaboration tool


Microsoft Sharepoint startpage Arcade

Microsoft Sharepoint

First of all, Microsoft SharePoint is an online document and collaboration platform that helps store documents and centralize the information. It sets up a central point where all staff can easily collaborate across the company.

Secondly, by building an intranet in SharePoint, you provide your employees with a company-wide information platform. Instead of mailing information like company news, HR news, events, a quick link to tools. In essence, the intranet is were your start your working day. See all new company information and click through to your day-to-day work environment.

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Microsoft Teams

The new hub for team collaboration

You can work remotely without feeling remote. Microsoft Teams is used to make teamwork and communication easier within your organization, both on and off-premises, on a wide range of devices. Microsoft Teams helps your team to organize and have conversations all in one place.

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