Automated project management system at Liantis

Liantis supports 200.000 independent entrepresneurs and 65.000 employers in our country. With Arcade, they find a trusted partner that offers them the appropriate solution at any time of their entrepreneurial career. From the start as a self-employed person, to the recruitment of staff, the development of HR and welfare policy, through the protection against risks until retirement. Liantis offers a one-stop shop where you can get all the required formalities done easily.




“The collaboration between Arcade Business Consultancy and Liantis has run very smoothly for several years. When we have questions about the use of SharePoint, Arcade is hands-on and quick to answer any of our questions. We can work online from any Liantis location with a set lay-out and structure for all our projects.”


Project proliferation


Since Liantis has over 1.700 employees, there are many projects running simultaneously with often dozens of stakeholders, both internal and external. This generates enormous amounts of sensitive data that we risked losing track of.


By cleverly combining out-of-the-box functionality of Office 365 and SharePoint Online, Liantis can now smoothly manage the data and document flows of over 60 active projects. All documents are stored in a central online platform that can be accessed from any location, whether its stakeholders are external to the company or not. Their permission rights are managed automatically so no sensitive data gets in the wrong hands.

Uniformity & administrative burden


All projects needed a uniform look and feel and approach, so new and existing employees find their way around the system right away.
Moreover, a well-organized PMO tool should reduce the administrative burden and frees up time and focus to create actual project value.


Through standardised templates and automation project generation, all Liantis projects are created in the same way and follow the same project funnel from project proposal to project finish, requiring minimal administrative maintenance.
This creates a full-blown virtual Project Management Office (PMO).

“We now have a solution that allows collaboration in a way that is clear and transparent to everyone. This was very crucial, since we have a great deal of internal projects at Liantis” – Sara Keirse, Program Manager, Liantis

Project reporting & business sense


As the company grew, it became increasingly more difficult to remain in control and keep a birds-eye view of all projects and their progress. Liantis was looking for a future-proof project management tool that allowed tracking all KPIs before, during, and after a project. From a management perspective, the overall budget and timing are monitored to track the strategic goals of the company.


Uniform data comes with the added benefit of reportability, which ties in with the strategic needs of the company.
Arcade implemented a central Data Warehouse (DWH) in conjunction with the Power BI reporting tool which allows to break down all projects in detailed reports on the one hand, but on the other hand, also offers an overarching budget and timing overview for management.

Future proof solutions


Liantis has constantly been evolving and strives to do so in the future, so any technology introduced must do the same. When a corporate change decision is made, the solution must be rolled out quickly to maximize user adoption. The new technology that does not make business sense is dead on arrival.


It’s within Arcade’s DNA to implement future-proof technology solutions that are scalable to suit the company’s needs at any given time. Liantis finds in Arcade a reliable partner that can act quickly yet thoroughly. Once a solution is implemented, Arcade uses its “Train the Trainer” concept so the technology gets traction from within the company. During these sessions, we explain how technology is used, but also why.

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